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Seniors and Disabled Adults Meal Box Project

In Robertson County and surrounding areas, many of our seniors and adults with disabilities are living on fixed incomes and limited resources.

Meal Box Application

Donated food delivered to low-income seniors and adults with disabilities through monthly

 "meal boxes” delivered directly to their door. Many have limited transportation to pick up food from grocery stores or food pantries and need a little extra help.

Join us to help ensure that more seniors and those adults that are disabled have access to foods to help fill their panty every month. Meal Boxes contain canned and boxed food that include non-perishable vegetables, soups, fruits, pasta, cereal/oatmeal, bread, snacks and canned meat. Additional Meal Boxes may contain fresh produce, dairy and meats depending on availability and location of household.

 Each senior or disabled adult household receives at least 10 meals per month. We can increase that with donations. When someone on a fixed income can receive free groceries then they have extra funds to pay for utilities, medication, etc with less worry.

All donations through PayPal Button below go directly to CMF Project.

God bless and thank you in advance for your donation.

Your gift today will make a significant difference!